The use of transport chains in industry

The simplest inventions find the most applications and are the most used. Wheel, lever or chain - today they are used in almost every industry and various industries. That is why there is now such a wide selection of them - to suit the needs of different companies. Application transport chains in the industry it is very broad and it does not focus only on one aspect.

It should be added that all their types must be made of the best quality materials, including e.g. galvanized steel with protection against oxidation (rust formation) or acid-resistant steel. If weak components and materials are used, the chain could pose a risk to people and production, which is of course highly undesirable.

FV type transport chains are used, among others in railway vehicles. Thanks to the fact that we are able to make an appropriate scale width, they will also work well in various heavy machines and devices. In addition, this type is available in versions with rollers (which facilitate the work of, among others, conveyor belts) or can be made in a sleeve style (thanks to which they can operate at speeds up to 15 m / s).

The transport types also include the FVC and MC types, which are built with the use of tubular pins.

Depending on the construction, the use of chains in industry may therefore vary. They can be used, among others to work in polluted conditions (with various chemical or harsh substances), to drive various devices and machines (e.g. mining or agricultural), for various types of conveyors (e.g. ladder), for transporting loose materials or for food conveyors and cooling tunnels.

Therefore, their application is very wide - they are found in almost every branch of industry. Depending on the company's needs, our company can make various types of a series of cells that will be suitable for work in all conditions.

Feel free to contact us - together we can choose a product that meets the requirements and standards in many different industries.