Chain wheels

You will find a wide selection of gears dedicated to chains used in suspended transport systems and more. Gear wheel it is an indispensable element of any chain system. They are used in various transmissions, vehicles, devices and machines. Their correct selection guarantees the full use of the entire drive system. These elements must also be made of extremely durable steel, resistant to abrasion, corrosion and mechanical damage.

We sell:

  • sprockets for dismountable chains,
  • gears for scraper chains,
  • transport wheels.

Our products include stainless steel gear wheels as well as hardened and reinforced wheels. Thanks to this, the elements from our assortment are distinguished by above-average resistance to rust, which is extremely important in their specific working environment. Hardened wheels, thanks to a special technique, gain resistance to mechanical abrasion. These are products recommended to all those who care about long-life wheels that will retain their technical parameters for a long time.

Proposed by us sprockets and transport are available in various models and dimensions. They are compatible with many chains.

We encourage you to place orders, and if you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will provide information on the current offer of gear wheels. We invite you to cooperate!

What is the application of the gear wheel?

The gear wheel is the most important part of each toothed gear. Each gear wheel works in one system with another wheel, disc or modular toothed rack.

The gear wheel is used in almost every field of technology because it is an excellent solution for transmitting rotational motion in various mechanisms. Its task is to change the rotary motion into sliding motion. Our product range includes a wide selection gear wheels for transmissionswhich are characterized by a solid workmanship. The wheels are made of high-quality steel. The products we propose will perfectly harmonize with each other, creating a well-working transmission. We encourage you to take advantage of our wide range of gear wheels available at attractive prices.

We invite you to contact our specialists who will present you the technical specifications of the proposed products and advise you in choosing the most appropriate solutions for machines and lines operating in the plant.

Durable stainless wheel

We sell stainless wheels, adapted to work in extremely difficult conditions. They can be successfully used in mechanisms exposed to contact with large amounts of dust, oily substances or other liquids. Stainless wheels are highly resistant to weather conditions - increased air humidity, rainfall, low or high temperatures. They retain full functionality and are characterized by a long service life.

Advantages of a hardened wheel

Offered by us hardened wheels are the highest quality products. They are extremely resistant to abrasion, cracking and other mechanical damage. They work perfectly in aggressive conditions. The coating of hardened wheels is distinguished by increased hardness and durability. For this reason, hardened wheels retain their properties for a very long time and wear out more slowly.

How is a gear wheel constructed?

easiest gear wheel structure to toothed wreath and hub. It is mounted on the shaft through a wedge connection, on a conical sleeve or, less frequently, on a spline. Gear wheel are characterized by parameters such as:

  • number of teeth,
  • tooth module / pitch
  • diameters,
  • tooth apex and correlation coefficients,
  • the height of the tooth parameters.

Gear operation

The gears rotate during operation. If the mechanism consists of two gears next to each other, they mesh and they transfer power from one to the other. The toothed wheel can also cooperate with the shield or modular rack and it is in relation to these elements that it transmits the drive. Team gear wheels and the strip works on the so-called rack, where the rotation of the wheel is changed into a sliding motion of a modular rail or vice versa.

We invite you to contact our specialists who will present you the technical specifications of the proposed products and advise you in choosing the most appropriate solutions for machines and lines operating in the plant.

Gear wheel - material

On the selection of the material from which it is made gear wheel, there are several factors. It is important whether the forces acting on this element of the mechanism are smooth and smooth, or rather shock. It is also important what kind of mechanism we are dealing with. It should be remembered that other gear wheels are used in the aviation industry, others in automotive or shipbuilding. Another factor that should be taken into account when choosing a material is the size of the space in which it is installed gear wheel.

The parameter that best describes whether or not gear wheel will work in a specific mechanism, or rather not, is the toughness of the metal. Toughness is the ability to withstand sudden and jumping forces. That is why, in machines whose nature of work is characterized by a variable magnitude of loads, metals with high ductility are used, i.e. metals that are not brittle. In order for the material used for the production of wheels to meet the conditions set for it, it must first undergo appropriate treatment. For this reason, steels and cast irons are exposed to temperatures and specific chemical processes.

In the production of gear wheels, carbon steel, alloy steels as well as black, black pearlitic and unalloyed ductile cast iron are used.