Roller chains

roller chain

Application and construction

A very often used element in various tools, devices and drives, they are specialized roller chains. This is a very general category and can include many different types of these parts. Therefore, they are used, inter alia, in in the wood, food, automotive, mining, transport and manufacturing industries.

Roller chains they are typically used in rather medium or low speed drives. Each of us has certainly encountered this mechanism - it is even used as a bicycle chain. Moreover, most car engines also use this component to drive their camshafts. We will also meet them in various conveyor and transport systems, pulling machines and even printing presses.

Roller chains They are usually made of rotating rollers (a pin with a bushing) embedded between the side links - internal plates and external plates connected to them. Typically this element is set in motion by a moving gear wheel, creating an efficient drive. Thanks to this structure, the mechanism is very durable and will be able to be used in a given device or vehicle for a very long time. It is precisely this strength, as well as the uncomplicated structure, performance and reliability that make it one of the most commonly used types of chains today.

Various types of roller chains

Most likely the first person to design roller chains was ... Leonardo Da Vinci. One of his sketches from the XNUMXth century shows a still simple concept of this mechanism - unfortunately, it did not gain popularity then. Only at the end of the XNUMXth century, engineer Hans Renold came up with an idea similar to Da Vinci and began to mass-produce this invention. Over the decades, the mechanism has undergone changes and improvements to be as efficient as possible and suitable for various types of drives in vehicles and machines.

Today we distinguish many different types of these parts. These are, among others: variants with a hollow pin, standard, with elongated pins, with bent and straight connections, with rubber caps or with multiple rows of reinforcing plates. There are a lot of different variants, and in addition, each of them can be modified to work best in a given drive. Moreover, the listed elements may also differ in the material from which they are made.

All types are highly durable. As a professional company that has been operating on the market for years, we can make and deliver parts of this type in many different sizes and shapes - according to the appropriate specification.

Roller chains - learn about the types

three-row roller chainThere is a wide selection of roller chains and it can be difficult to select them at times. as a company with extensive application knowledge roller chains we can help you choose the right product, which will be the best choice both in terms of usability and price. Having contacts with manufacturers, we can offer attractive prices and very good quality of workmanship, which translates into an optimal chain selection. Here are some examples types of roller chainsthat we can offer you:

  1. standard roller chains - they are universal and frequently used chains for most applications and corresponding transmissions,
  2. stainless roller chains - chains for special conditions where there is a risk of corrosion,
  3. nickel-plated roller chains - a chain for some applications requiring greater resistance to external conditions and harmful factors,
  4. roller chains with flat links.

You can also divide the chains according to the number of rows they make up:

  1. single row chains,
  2. double row chains,
  3. three-row chains.

Bet on experience

We hope that this short article has cleared up any doubts or mysteries related to this element of various propulsion systems.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer - browse through the proposed different types roller chainsthat meet all the requirements of norms and standards (including PN, ANSI or DIN). If you have any questions about these mechanisms, our offer and our capabilities, please contact us - our team is ready to help and provide professional advice.