Conveyor chains

conveyor chainConveyor chains are a very important element of internal transport systems consisting of conveyors. Their task is to transfer the drive to the elements of the drive mechanism, which in effect cause the movement of the conveyor belt, which enables the transport of products or materials to the next production stages. Belt conveyors are commonly used in many industries and in various industries. They are used for the transport of mines and spoils in the mining industry, for the organization of transport in the food, chemical, construction, petrochemical, paper industries, in agriculture, power plants, heating plants and other undertakings. Conveyor chains as an element of the drive mechanism, it is responsible for its efficient functioning, for the transmission of drive and, as a result, for the movement of the conveyor belt. Each industry requires a separate approach to the construction of conveyor chains, their strength, size, technical and physical parameters. Different chains will be used in conveyors operating at very low temperatures, others intended for operation at very high temperatures, and completely different ones intended for operation in a dusty environment. Business FHU Grzegorz Ozdowski will help in choosing the right conveyor chain so that it serves long and trouble-free.

examples of types of conveyor chains

plate conveyor chainsAs described above, there are many types of chains that have been manufactured to operate under specific conditions. There are standard and specialized solutions. Each chain is designed to play a specific role in driving the conveyors and working with specific gears. Its correct selection is therefore extremely important. Examples of the types of such chains used for the operation of conveyors are:

  • FV conveyor chains,
  • M type conveyor chains,
  • FVT conveyor chains,
  • MT conveyor chains,
  • conveyor chains with a tubular pin (including MC type),
  • conveyor chains with cleats,
  • conveyor chains with bent plates,
  • conveyor chains with an extended pin,
  • conveyor chains with bent claws (including pin-roller chains),
  • acid-resistant chains,
  • stainless chains.

conveyor chains - choose proven solutions

chains in the conveyorAs a partner of many producers of conveyor chains from Europe, we can boast of a large offer of the presented assortment. In addition to a wide selection, we are pleased to offer solutions of the highest quality. Opinions of our customers and cooperation with manufacturers gave us a lot of valuable information on the use of conveyor chains which in turn translates into the selection of optimal solutions and proposals on our part. This allows us to provide solutions that are exactly what you expect and require. We invite you to contact our company in order to select the right chains for the type of your business.

Application of conveyor chains

The specificity of conveyor chains means that they are used in many industries. They are often a pillar of a company, because it is thanks to them that all products, often in the most difficult conditions, are delivered to specially prepared places.

1. Agriculture

Properly designed conveyor chains ultimately become highly resistant to dusting of extremely loose materials. Therefore, they are perfect for transporting multi-ton storehouses of grain, fodder or flour in agricultural machinery. Our products are resistant not only to excessive dusting, but also to the negative effects of changing weather conditions.

2. Mining and wood industry

High resistance of individual elements to impact and wear as a result of multi-tonne pressure of the material - thanks to these properties, the conveyor chain is perfect for transporting coal, wood or chipper waste. Despite the harsh operating conditions, it maintains its properties without stretching, and thus without causing play.

3. Food and chemical industry

Thanks to the use of, among others of resistant stainless steel when creating our conveyor chains, they become the perfect component for the transport of food. Without any worries, all vegetables, fruits and any other food products can be transported on belts based on our components.

In turn, the use of acid-resistant elements allows us to use our products in the chemical industry for the transport of any hazardous substances. In addition, they work well when transporting products that are treated or cleaned with hazardous agents.

4. Transport of many specialized materials

The above-mentioned industries are just one of the few where our conveyor chains are used. Their possibility of installing in many types of machines increases thanks to supplementing the structure with scoops, plates or pins. They successfully transport textiles, pharmaceuticals, drinks and cardboard materials.

We are here to help you choose the right copy perfectly suited to your belt.