Suspended transport


We deliver systems overhead transport and all the necessary components related to these technologies. Suspended transport is widely used in various production lines. It works well in the machine and car industry, but also in paint shops, paint shops and even slaughterhouses. Suspended transport also works well in handling storage facilities.


Overhead transport systems consist of precisely matched components such as gears, chains, trolleys and carriers. Although in general overhead transport installations are designed in a similar way, solutions of this type differ depending on whether they are driven manually or automatically. All elements of the transport line must be made of suitable, durable materials. The components of overhead transport systems must be resistant to abrasion, high and low temperatures, as well as the influence of an aggressive chemical environment.


By the way, it is worth adding that we not only provide the elements necessary for the construction of suspended transport systems, but also provide help and advice in a wider range. We will advise you on what to pay special attention to when planning this type of installation. It is worth mentioning here that the most important aspect is the proper design of the course of transport routes. Good design not only improves work, making it more effective, but also helps to exclude dangerous collisions. Another important element that needs to be paid attention to is the proper arrangement of loading and unloading stations and connecting them with other sections of the technological process.