Chain wheels




Chain wheels - types

The basic division of sprockets is the division into wheels:

  1. sprocket without hub
  2. sprocket with hub.

Chain wheels without hub

As for the hubless sprockets, they have the usual technological hole usually used to seat it on a shaft, the rotation of which will transmit power. Chain wheels find their application mainly in chain drives and in conveyors. It is a subassembly of many machines and devices used in various industries and production. The type of steel they are made of is important sprockets. The better the quality of the steel, the longer the chain wheel will be able to work and fail-safe. As there are single-row, double-row and three-row chains, the same applies to the chain driving wheels. The next division of sprockets will therefore be:

  1. single row sprocket,
  2. double row chain wheel,
  3. three-row sprocket and with more rows.

Chain wheels with hub

The second type of sprockets differs from the first in that it is equipped with a rotating hub. This wheel performs similar functions to a wheel without a hub, the only difference is that the chain wheel can rotate when the shaft on which it is mounted is stationary. Here, too, there is a division into single-row, double-row and three-row sprocket wheel with hub.

Examples of sprocketsdouble row sprocket

We can distinguish the following products in the field of sprockets, depending on the needs, the type of device in which it will work and other factors:

  • hub sprockets,
  • sprockets with bearing,
  • chain wheels with hole,
  • stainless sprockets,
  • reinforced hardened sprockets,
  • disc sprockets.

The company's offer includes the following types of chain wheels:
Chain wheels according to PN-73 / M-84161 for drive-roller chains:
04B-1, -2, -3 (3/8 "x 7/32")
05B-1, -2, -3 (3/8 "x 7/32")
06B-1, -2, -3 (3/8 "x 7/32")
08B-1, -2, -3 (3/8 "x 7/32")
083 / 084B-1, -2, -3 (3/8 "x 7/32")
10B-1, -2, -3 (3/8 "x 7/32")
12B-1, -2, -3 (3/8 "x 7/32")
16B-1, -2, -3 (3/8 "x 7/32")
20B-1, -2, -3 (3/8 "x 7/32")
24B-1, -2, -3 (3/8 "x 7/32")
28B-1, -2, -3 (3/8 "x 7/32")
32B-1, -2, -3 (3/8 "x 7/32")

chain wheelChain systems and the corresponding wheels are used in many industries. They are used, among others. in the food, automotive and agricultural industries, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Our company was created for all those companies that use such systems. We are here to provide our customers with chains and chain wheels from the best European producers. Thanks to this, all our clients receive much more from us than the product itself - they receive a guarantee of high quality and durability resulting from the materials and technologies used in their production. The chain wheels we offer meet the requirements of all applicable standards (including ANSI). They can be used with drive-roller chains and transport chains of certain types, but we also offer special chain wheels according to customer's drawings. With us, every customer who comes to us will receive exactly what he needs.

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