Transport chains

Although not long, the activity of our company has given us extensive experience as well as extensive knowledge in the field of effective production technologies and materials, but above all about the expectations and needs of customers who cooperate with us, who represent various industries. Transport chainsthat we offer are used in the printing industry, as well as in the food, transport or textile industry, so they must be of impeccable quality and the best quality of the materials used.

This is what we offer transport chainsfor which very good quality steel is used as the basis, which is generally known as one of the extremely solid materials. Moreover, when steel is galvanized, it becomes even less susceptible to rusting. Offered by us transport chains they meet all the requirements defined by standards such as ANSI, PN, DIN.

When selecting the chains we offer, we attach great importance to the quality of the final product. In order to increase the value of our chains and guarantee their expected parameters, we constantly cooperate with the best producers from the EU countries. A wide selection of chains in our offer means that each of our clients will receive a product from us that will respond to their requirements, and in addition, our qualified employees will be happy to provide answers to all questions that arise.

chain for transportation

Types of transport chains

Our offer includes various types chains for transport. We distinguish the following:

FV type transport chains,
FVC transport chains,
M type transport chains,
MC type transport chains.

Depending on your needs, the company FHU Ozdowski can suggest and offer appropriate solutions so that you are satisfied with the functionality and high quality of the solution received from us. Various types of transport chains will be used for different applications and different devices. Our company has many experiences related to the needs of recipients as part of the demand for transport and drive chains, as well as resulting from direct cooperation with European producers. All this allows us to choose the most appropriate solutions and products that will be of the highest quality and optimal choice.

Transport chains type FV and M

Transport chains of this type are most often made in four varieties:

  • bush chains,
  • chains with a small roller,
  • chains with big roller,
  • chains with guide roller.

transport chain with rollers