Idler wheels


We offer you in our offer idler wheels. Elements of this type are also referred to as guide wheels. Their role, as the name suggests, is to tighten the chain onto which the forces are transferred. Idler wheels are an integral part of many specialized machine mechanisms. Without their participation, it is difficult to imagine efficient industrial and construction equipment. Wherever it is necessary to translate force into the chain, and therefore in production industries - food, wood or precision industries, guide wheels play a role that is difficult to overestimate.


Due to the enormous forces exerted on the idler wheels, it is important that elements of this type are made of the highest quality steel. In this case, it is important not only to be resistant to mechanical damage and wear, but also to withstand very high temperatures and an aggressive chemical environment. It is worth adding that the idler wheels we offer are additionally oxidized, which makes the steel even more resistant to rusting.


Incidentally, it should be noted that despite their high resistance to mechanical factors, idler pulleys are among those machine elements that wear out relatively quickly. This is because regular contact between the sprocket and the chain causes friction, which ultimately destroys the surface of the wheel, reducing its grip and reducing the effectiveness of the mechanism. Contamination is also a factor that further contributes to the rapid wear of the idler pulley.