The use of drive chains in industry

Many different industries in industry use simple, yet effective and reliable mechanisms to facilitate transportation or production. One such mechanism is drive chain. We distinguish many types of these system elements, which are characterized by various applications in industry.


Drive chains are most often used in transmissions together with mating gears. This mechanism can be found, among others in specialized construction, agricultural and industrial machines, as well as in everyday use devices and various vehicles (including motorcycles, bicycles).


Their popularity is due to the simple principle of operation and their endurance. They will be suitable for work outside or inside devices, they are not afraid of high or low temperatures, they cope well in a chemical environment, and they can work for many years without showing large signs of exploitation. Depending on the metal used in their production, they can also be resistant to weather conditions and chemicals.


Our assortment includes various types, such as: roller ones (such as American or British types), with switches (including, for example, bent and standing ones), with a through pin, with an extended pitch or with special caps (rubber or threaded). We also offer sleeve drive chains, specialized transport chains, agricultural chains (e.g. for presses and combines), lamella chains, Gall, Fleyer chains, accumulative chains (with various roller positions), with elongated pins, and toothed models. The choice is therefore extremely rich.


Correct drive chain selection is extremely important. Of course, account must be taken of the machine or device that uses this mechanism, the requirements and needs (e.g. increased corrosion resistance) and the size of the drive chain itself.


All these models meet all standards and norms regarding durability. They are made of the highest quality, solid elements, thanks to which they will work with high efficiency for many years. They will help you withstand heavy loads and optimize every job.


If you have any questions or problems with the fit, please do not hesitate to contact us - our professional team will advise you and help you choose the elements that meet your requirements.