Bevel wheels

The conical wheels are suitable for use in angular and perpendicular arrangements. We offer various models of bevel wheels, which you can adapt to specific tasks - this will certainly translate into greater speed and better quality of the work performed. We sell bevel wheels high quality intended for companies, incl. from the mining sector - our bevel gears are suitable for paver drives, cylinders and dredgers.

Modular gear racks, modular gears and bevel gears

Our toothed bars are distinguished by a high standard of workmanship - we sell products made of solid steel, after precise processing. They can be successfully installed in intensively working machining and workstation devices. What's more, available in the store's offer toothed bars and others are compatible with ours gear wheels.

We sell modular toothed racks adapted to the highest requirements set by companies from the machine industry - our modular racks have been used in high-speed drives. We offer a wide selection and we invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer. Our employees will help you to purchase an assortment tailored to the specific type of work and machines and will present proven technical solutions.