Driving wheels


In our assortment you will find driving wheels. Their role is to transfer engine power to specific machine components. Depending on the design of the devices, we distinguish chain and belt-wedge wheels. The former transfer energy to a special chain, while the latter set in motion the belts that drive the mechanism. The drive wheels of the second type are divided into several variants, so depending on the needs, you can reach for a smooth or grooved drive wheel.


The main feature of driving wheels should be their reliability. That is why we use materials that are characterized by high resistance to abrasion, but also deformation, high temperatures and unfavorable chemical conditions. An important factor to consider in this context is, for example, the effect of greases and oils. It should also be noted that the key parameter when it comes to sizing the driving wheelis its grip. It should be remembered that the forces that are transferred to the chain or belt can be transmitted without major losses only when there are no major slips between the surface of the wheel and the chain (belt).


It is difficult to list all drive wheel applications as virtually all industrial machines are equipped with them. Elements of this type are therefore used in the food, wood, metal, processing industries, but also in construction and agriculture.