Trapezoidal bolts and nuts

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Trapezoidal screws

We have a wide assortment trapezoidal screws. They allow you to maintain high accuracy during positioning. The trapezoidal thread, which is a cross-section of this type of bolts, is to ensure precise movement of the nut along the bolt. Trapezoidal screws are used in devices that transfer heavy loads in both directionsas well as devices that run infrequently and exhibit low rotational speeds. Unlike ball screws and nuts, trapezoidal is cheaper and easier to manufacture. We sell trapezoidal single thread screws according to DIN 103. We offer screws:

  • with different thread sizes,
  • with a variable pitch.

Depending on the bolt load capacity and sliding properties they can be selected according to the size of the mechanism. The higher load capacity of the bolt enables the transfer of higher loads. This improves positioning and provides a wider range of applications. We have trapezoidal screws o thread diameter from 10 mm to 70 mm and thread pitch from 2 mm to 10 mm. The maximum length of the screws is 3 m. The trapezoidal screws we offer are made by rolling a low-carbon steel rod. They are distinguished by a perfectly smooth thread, which ensures good cooperation with the nut.

Round and hexagonal nuts for trapezoidal screws

Our assortment includes a large selection round nuts, hexagonal and collar for trapezoidal screws. Nuts show high strength and good steel-bronze cooperation, which translates into reliability in continuous operation. We offer round nuts with a single thread:

  • free-cutting steel,
  • made of aluminum bronze grade BA1032.

We invite you to read the technical specification of our products and purchases. If you have any questions, please contact us.