Slaughter lines

slaughter lineThe products offered by our company are widely used in many industries, including the food industry. By using our offer, our clients can create or modernize already possession in their plants slaughter linesand in case of any doubts, our qualified employees will provide professional advice and assistance in this field.

Streamlining all work related to the slaughter process will make the plant's work more dynamic and translate into production results, and thus sales, so the issue is worth considering. By using our offer slaughter lines they can be improved at every stage of their work, e.g. stunning and bleeding, scalding and bristling, cleaning and sterilization or skinning.

In addition, we can offer our clients solutions that increase hygiene, which is not without significance in connection with frequent top-down inspections. We will be happy to advise clients who have any doubts, suggesting not only standard solutions, but also those that will be tailored to individual needs. All our products come from leading European manufacturers, so our customers can count on their highest quality and compliance with applicable standards. Apart from slaughter linesBy using our company's offer, customers can also modernize other departments of their company where production takes place.

Slaughter lines are an important element of meat production

slaughter linesSlaughter lines are the basis of the equipment of a meat production enterprise. We are talking about slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, slaughterhouses, etc. The slaughter of farm animals - usually cattle, pigs and poultry - is the first stage of preparation for further processing of carcasses. Slaughter lines they use various types of mechanisms and drives for this, which to a great extent automate the work of slaughterhouses and minimize human input and work. Our company provides proven solutions for slaughter lines taking care of the high quality of the offered products. However, cooperation with leading, recognized European producers allows us to obtain the best possible supply. Cooperation with our company will certainly bring you benefits in the form of attractive prices and high quality of the ordered products.

Elements of the slaughter line

slaughter equipmentEach type of slaughter line requires different solutions and devices. It will look completely different slaughter line for cattle, pigs and poultry, although it will work in a similar way. The basic elements of the slaughter line will be passage corridors, a stunning box, a table or a bleeding track, a spray washer, a bristle brush, washers for intestines, stomachs, a treatment track, and scalding furnaces. All these elements can operate thanks to devices designed for the transport of individual items. They are most often used for this slaughter conveyors, conveyors used in processing, or organ conveyors.