Gears with toothing and toothed rims

bevel gears

Gear wheels are the basic element of drive mechanisms and mechanical drive transmission systems. In other words - wheel with toothing it is an element of a larger transport system or other devices in the enterprise. For this reason, it is required that they meet certain standards, and their strength, resistance to cracking, abrasion and other damage are minimized. Offered by us gears are characterized by the best strength parameters. We have a rich offer that allows you to make the right choice depending, of course, on your needs and conditions. We have modular gears with modules ranging from 1 to 6. They are made of high-quality C43 steel in accordance with PN-73 / H84026. Hardness gear wheels is defined in the range of 10-15 HRC. The toothed wheels we offer can cooperate with each other directly in toothed gears, but they can also be used to work with toothed bars of the appropriate module. In order to obtain greater strength, they can be thermally tempered. The surfaces of the teeth of the wheels mounted on the rims may be subject to additional hardening, which is carried out on request. In addition, we can process the hole of the gear.

Gear wheel - types

Due to the type of teeth, we can classify the gears as follows:

  1. wheels with toothing with straight teeth,
  2. wheel with toothing with oblique teeth,
  3. wheel with toothing with oblique teeth - canopy,
  4. wheels with toothing with arched teeth.

However, due to the shape of the gear and its use, we distinguish two basic types:

gearsGear wheels - structure and characteristics

Gear wheel consists of three main elements:

  • hubs,
  • connector between the hub and the rim,
  • a rim at the end of which there are teeth forming the next element of the toothed wheel.

A special type of gear is the pinion, which does not have a separate hub. He creates the hub himself wreath, pinions are most often placed on shafts and integrated with them. Gear wheel has its own parameters, which are taken into account when adjusting the toothed wheel for use with other elements of the transmission or drives. The most important parameters are: number of teeth, main and circumferential pitch, tooth module, tooth height, tooth height ratio, apical clearance, base circle diameter, apex and pitch diameter.

The satisfaction of our customers is an absolute priority for us, which is why we try to structure our offer in such a way as to meet the needs and expectations of everyone who comes to us, regardless of the industry they represent. For this reason, when we introduce new products to our offer, we pay a lot of attention to the quality of their workmanship and the materials used.

set of gears

We constantly cooperate with European producers, trusted not only by us, but also by hundreds of customers from all over the world. Thanks to this, we can offer such customers who come to us wheels with toothingwith which they will undoubtedly be one hundred percent satisfied. The gears that are part of our offer include modules from 1 to 8, so every customer will find what he needs here.

The high quality of their workmanship, the use of the latest technologies in the production process and the use of precious materials mean that the products we offer to our customers will serve their users impeccably for a long time, performing their work. The gears we offer meet all European standards, which determines not only their quality, but also the safety of using them. In addition, all our clients, in case of any doubts, can count on professional help and advice from our staff, which consists of qualified and experienced employees rich in extensive knowledge.

Toothed rim

Toothed rim is an effective alternative to a conventional transmission. Our offer includes high-class components that are perfect for working in numerous precise mechanisms. Main advantage toothed rim load capacity is higher than that of conventional wheels. A standard wreath is made up of two to four modules, then joined together in a circular shape. Solutions of this type require production facilities in the form of large and expensive machines. Therefore, it is a common practice among manufacturers of toothed rims to construct them from more identical parts. Wheels made of many identical segments can be produced on the basis of smaller devices. This significantly speeds up and facilitates the production process as it is inherently natural toothed wreaths rather, they are components of considerable size.

Toothed rim - application

Toothed rim it is a part of the mechanism that is used in the construction of large agricultural and industrial machines. Wreaths work well as gears installed in mill machines, dryers, furnaces, drum debarkers, other sawmill machines, as well as devices operating in paper mills. To increase the effectiveness of this type of solutions, toothed wreaths they can be equipped with drum or disc brakes, heaters and a lubrication unit, which increases the service life of the wheel. So if you are looking for reliable gears designed for the needs of large machines, toothed wreath can be a response to your expectations.