Drive chains

three-row drive chainDrive chains they are a very important element of machines and devices on many production lines, and in machines used in various production processes. Their quality, durability and reliability are very important as they often determine the continuity of production. Our company focuses on failure-free solutions of the highest quality. An incorrectly selected chain for the conditions in which it works may end in failure or breakage drive chain and other damage. Therefore, you can count on our knowledge and experience in the field of optimal selection. Cooperation with many manufacturers has helped us gain the appropriate knowledge and qualifications to offer you the best possible solutions when it comes to selection of drive chains. Drive chains are used, among others, in gears, conveyors, and in drive mechanisms, they are one of its key elements.

Types of drive chains - examples

Chains for transferring power from one transmission element to another must be reliable and ideally suited to the equipment and mechanical elements. The most popular types driving chains have:

  1. single-row drive chains,
  2. double row drive chains,
  3. three-row drive chains,
  4. roller drive chains,
  5. contamination drive chains,
  6. Gall pin drive chains,
  7. drive chains with bent plates.

Our company ensures high availability of chains. Constant cooperation with producers allowed us to complete the full offer so that it directly responds to the market demand. We cordially invite you to contact us and submit inquiries for specific products. We will try to help you choose so that you are professionally served.

Drive chains are our specialty

The several years of activity of our company have given us extensive experience as well as extensive knowledge in the field of effective production technologies and materials, but above all about the requirements and needs of customers who cooperate with us, who represent various industries. The chains we offer are used both in the printing industry, as well as in the paper industry, transport or in agriculture, so they must be distinguished by the highest quality of workmanship as well as the materials used.

These are also the drive chains offered by our company, which are made of the highest quality steel, which is widely known as one of the most solid materials. Moreover, when steel is subjected to a galvanization process, it becomes even less susceptible to rusting. The drive chains sold by our company meet all the requirements of such standards as ANSI, PN, DIN.

drive chainWhen choosing the chains we offer, we attach great importance to the quality of the finished product. In order to increase the value of our chains, and to ensure their appropriate parameters, we constantly cooperate with the best producers from the EU countries. A large selection of chains in our offer leads to the fact that each of our clients will receive a chain from us that will respond to their expectations, and our qualified employees will be happy to answer any questions that may arise.

double row roller chainSix-year activity of the company FHU Grzegorz Ozdowski allowed us to gain the necessary experience, as well as vast knowledge in the field of modern technologies used in production processes or the materials used. In addition, we use the knowledge about the expectations and needs of our contractors who are representatives of various industries. The products we offer are used in many industries, such as in the printing, food, transport and agriculture industries. Therefore, they must be of the highest quality.

Roller chainsthat we offer are made using high-quality steel, which is widely known as one of the extremely durable materials. It should be added that if the steel is subjected to the galvanization process, it will be even more resistant to rust. The roller chains distributed by FHU Ozdowski meet all the requirements of such standards as ANSI, PN, DIN. When selecting the chains we offer, we attach great importance to the quality of the final product. In order to maximize the value of our chains and guarantee their appropriate parameters, we maintain constant cooperation with leading European producers. A large selection of roller chains in our offer means that each customer who comes to us will receive a chain that will respond to their expectations, and our specialized employees will be happy to answer all questions that may arise.

roller chain

roller chains with increased strength

In addition to standard solutions, we can also offer roller chains with increased resistance by 25-35% compared to ordinary roller chains. They show greater resistance to tearing and elongation. These are chains of the AH and SH type. The dimensions of these chains are in accordance with ANSI standards. In case of questions and problems with the selection and matching of the chain, we provide advice. We are happy to suggest what solutions will be good for you.