Belts, subway, combined, sleeveless

Thanks to cooperation with the best European manufacturers of suspended transport systems, we can offer the best gear belts on the market from the subway, combined and up the sleeve. All types and scales of these elements are available in our assortment. We have extensive storage facilities, but we also carry out special orders.

Available items

We offer gear belts from the meter, cut to any length, available in rolls of 50, 100 and 200 mm. The cut version of the subway gives you the ability to connect to get the option closed. The offer also includes sleeve straps of any width (T, HTD, AT, GT and inch scales H, L, XL, MXL, XH). The range also includes accessories on both sides of the gear.

We also have articles that are varied by shape, so they can be used in different types of mechanical devices. Taking these factors into account, you can buy from us even gear strips in round or trapezoidal version. In order to fully satisfy our customers, we can also offer other most commonly used in the industry options and also bring custom proposals to order.

The most important benefits of using gear straps

The popularity of these technical solutions is the result of many advantages that characterize this technology. These include, for example, a significant reduction in the noise produced compared to other older types of drives, which translates into comfort of operation. In addition, regardless of the choice of specific type, they can also be used efficiently for a much longer period of time than the commonly used wedge belts.

The versatility of working in a variety of conditions is also one of the important benefits. This is mainly influenced by the ability to function smoothly at high speeds. Their proper functioning is also not disturbed by the influence of chemicals, which in the case of industrial activities is a common threat.

Use of gear belts

The versatility of their use in various industries is also one of the important benefits of using gear belts. They are very useful especially when transporting components in production facilities. For this reason, they are great in the automotive or food industry.Gear belts are also an indispensable part of the mechanisms of numerous devices. In addition to industrial machines such as roller and belt conveyor drives, gear belts are ideal for fans, drills, grinders, presses and trucks. They are also used in the construction of lawnmowers and luggage belts, which transport suitcases at stations and airports. The woodworking industry is also a wide field of use of gear belts, where this component is part of the drive of woodworking equipment. Another field on which toothed belts are used is the energy industry, because it is worth adding that with their use small hydroelectric power plants are built.

Comprehensive technical advice

In order to choose the most suitable solutions for your specific needs, we invite you to contact our advisors. Then together we will choose the best option, individually tailored for your company, which will translate into trouble-free operation and increase efficiency. This will also make it possible to take full advantage of their capabilities.