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How do modular gears with the hub work?

The gear is one of the very important components of many machines and equipment that m.in industrial applications. They are an essential part of any gear that is used to carry power for small systems and systems that generate heavy loads. We explain how modular gears with hub work.

What are modular gears and why should I use them?

Gears are available in many different types. Thanks to this, they find a variety of applications. A modern solution for the industry are modular gears, whichare an active component of gears. They increase the efficiency of the machines and affect their service life. We divide the gears in terms of several criteria. In the case of modular gears, we are dealing with circular wheels or wheels with a hub in rolled and tapered versions. They work with m.in. specially selected gear strips in terms of the type of module. Robust modular gears allow you to easily choose the solution that works best for your particular machine or device. This makes it possible to m.in a wide range of gear ratios. The possibility of combining wheels of different sizes and choosing the right elements from which a particular module will be created is one of the biggest advantages of this solution. We offer high quality, durable and precision-crafted modular gears with a variety of applications. We also make modular gears to individual order.

What is the mechanism of operation of modular gears with hub?

Modular gears with a hub are active components of various types of gears. They can work with a properly selected gear strip in terms of type of module and directly with each other to form larger systems. This type of gears is characterized by reliable and trouble-free operation. Made of high-quality structural steel, modular gears with hubs are fault-tolerant and can be mounted on drive systems of machines and equipment that are exposed to heavy loads.