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What parameters should a good conveyor chain have?

Conveyor chains are a key component of conveyor-based internal transport systems and are used in many industries. As an essential element of the drive mechanism, they allow the transport of materials to subsequent production stations. Given the different industrial requirements, conveyors may have different technical characteristics. Let's see which parameters to look out for when choosing conveyors and which models are best suited for each industry.

Forged chains – parameters

Forged chains, forged in dies, are characterized by high strength (200-800 kN) and a solid profile. Thanks to specialized heat treatment, they have high resistance to mechanical factors and corrosion – models after hot galvanizing are less susceptible to corrosion.Good quality forged conveyor chains are equipped with special welds and components made of high-quality steel, which is extremely important for intensive use.

Plate / transport chains – precision

Plate (transport) chains, manufactured using precision dies or laser technology, have perfectly formed contours. Innovative heat treatment makes the chains highly durable for harmful operating conditions and over-loads. Before purchasing chains, it is necessary to determine the most optimal parameters that will extend the life of the entire system.

Roller-drive chains – universal

Modern roller-drive chains, compatible with existing drive systems, guarantee trouble-free operation and smooth operation of the system. Before choosing the right chain, it's a good idea to check to see if it's possible to increase its strength, as this is critical if potential failures are reduced. Equally important is the way of stabilization of the structure and the quality of the components used (especially chain wheels).