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What is a bearing assembly and where does it apply?

To avoid unplanned downtime and increase the operating costs of industrial equipment, it is worth choosing a bearing assembly that is durable and reliable. Due to the wide variety of bearing housings, seal types and shaft mounting configurations, choosing a bearing assembly that is suitable for our equipment may not seem an easy task. Therefore, it is worth finding out what factors should be taken into account. In our entry we will tell you what the bearing assembly actually is and where it can be used. We invite you to read.

Construction of bearing units

For industrial equipment such as a chain convoy, precise bearing and drive design is crucial for continuity of production. The components of the bearing units in the machines are:

  • bearing housings of types P, F and T – split or sunday, most often made of steel or iron, equipped with different types of seals – many options for mounting on the shaft; in the food industry, standard reinforced polyamide housings are used, or with the requirements of increased chemical resistance, polypropylene bearing housings are used;
  • grease supply valve – is the equipment of the bearing housing;
  • bearings – made of chrome-nickel steel or stainless steel – usually self-setting, they can be: ball bearings ordinary, oblique or swinging; cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, needle roller bearings;
  • sealants and guards – installed in bearing housings, provide additional bearing protection;
  • bearing insert.

Application of the bearing arrangement

Due to the characteristics of individual bearing units, they can be used in many environments, even demanding and contaminated ones. In the food industry, for example, a high resistance to chemicals used for washing equipment is essential, so swinging bearing units with plastic housing are great here. In contrast, a bearing assembly with a spherical roller bearing in a Sunday housing can be installed in a conveyor and used in a coal mine.

In addition, the bearing assembly is installed in machines working in agricultural, construction, textile, energy and wood production.