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Suspended transport systems – hygiene and safety of goods

Suspended transport is one of the most efficient, hygienic and safe internal logistics systems for goods. Its technology is based on suspended chains together with wheels and suspended trolleys in a modular system. It is mainly used in industrial halls and warehouses. This system has many advantages, which is why it finds supporters in many areas of industry. Find out why companies are massively choosing to replace classic transport with suspended ones and learn about its many strengths.

Where and why are suspended transport systems used?

Initially, it would seem that only large companies and corporations decide to use suspended transport systems. With their help, you can transport both individual products and multipacks. Depending on the construction of the transport line and the specificity of production, conveyors can be used: mechanical, gravity, special, rope and suspended manual, with different lifting capacity. The flexibility of suspended transport means that more and more small and medium-sized production companies are installing these systems at home. We find them, among others, in the following industries:

  • Clothing
  • Textile
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • industrial laundries,
  • Food
  • Meat.

What are the advantages of suspended transport systems?

Suspended transport is now a very popular solution, due to the numerous advantages of its use. These include:

  • increased hygiene of the goods transported. No contact with the ground and fast transport from the starting point to the destination, reduce the risk of soiling the goods. In addition, the free flooring can be cleaned more easily and more thoroughly, which is especially important in industries with high purity requirements.
  • convenience and ease of use of the system;
  • reasonable investment costs and individual adaptation of the details of the system to the needs of the client;
  • safety of the goods transported. Due to the possibility of single transport of products, the risk of damage, even delicate goods, can be minimized.
  • the possibility of installing the system regardless of the condition of the floor;
  • high durability and durability of the system, thanks to the use of high-quality components;
  • the possibility of expanding or changing an already installed system;
  • efficient use of available space;
  • energy efficiency, thanks to energy consumption only during the operation of the transport line;
  • compatibility of the suspended transport system with other machinery used in industry;
  • save time transferring products;
  • reducing human work.