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Where do simple modular gears with a disc apply?

Gears are used in mechanisms that allow you to move rotational or sliding motion without sliding with the help of teeth located on the perimeters of two interconnected elements. They consist of a wreath, teeth and a hub. Due to their differences in design and different forms of application, multiple groups and subgroups of gears can be distinguished.

gear divisions

In terms of the shape of the wreath from which the teeth protrude, the gears are divided into cylindrical and conical. In the in both cases, the dentition can be external as well as internal.  Depending on the intersection line of the cylinder or divisional cone with the side of the tooth, three subgroups are   distinguished in cylindrical circles and conical circles. In cylindrical circles, these are straight teeth, screw or oblique teeth (the line runs along the screw line), fibula teeth (two-screw line with opposite directions), arched teeth. Only straight, screw and arched teeth are distinguished in tapered wheels. Modular gears are a colloquial term for straight-toothed cylindrical gears that are used, among others in gear shifting or linear operation with modular slats.

Application examples

Modular gears are a classic mechanical element for transmitting linear motion using gear strips. They are mainly used in drives with high travel speeds and long working lengths. They are available in both disc and hub versions. They work with special gear strips used by construction machines, such as cranes. Simple modular gears with disc are used in, among others, construction of internal combustion engines. from the crankshaft, and precisely from its crowned disc, carry the driving force and change the torque to start on the wheels of the car through the gearbox. The interlocking of the associated gears causes the transmission of rotational motion and drive from one gear to another. Such solutions can be found in cars and trucks, construction and agricultural machinery.