Systems overhead transport are functional solutions for the industry that improve production processes, and also help to achieve greater efficiency and save space for storage. In our company, we offer components that meet the highest requirements in terms of durability and resistance, which are the result of using elements o galvanized characteristics or stainless.

Other benefits of use

They give great possibilities of operation, thanks to the option of transporting products not only in the horizontal plane, but also in the vertical plane, which is often impossible for other types of conveyors. In this way, they also allow you to carry various loads in terms of shapes and dimensions, but also weight, which affects their versatility in industrial activities and the popularity of use in various plants and warehouses.

This is especially important when we do not have a large amount of space to develop, and chain suspended conveyors increase such possibilities by using the available space under the ceiling. They are in line with the trend of many manufacturing companies that increasingly strive to maximize the available space. In addition, they do not obstruct communication routes, which also affects safety in the event of an emergency and the need for quick evacuation.

Possibilities of using chains

Such wide properties of overhead conveyors in the chain version make their elements useful in the transport of various types of goods in industrial plants. Clothing companies, for example, use them very often, but they are not the only options for their use. They can also be used, for example, for carrying food or electronic accessories. Such diverse possibilities are related to the versatility resulting from the ease of installation of various types of hangers into suspended systems.

Various types of chains

Overhead conveyors are widely used in various industries. In this category, we present chains for single-track and double-track overhead conveyors. We offer several types of products, especially chains of A and B type, with connectors, with a through bolt, with an extended pitch, with rubber caps, sleeve, transport, agricultural, lamella, Gall, accumulative, toothed, Fleyer chains and with elongated pins.

In addition, each of these options is also a few more or a dozen or so proposals differentiated according to the dimensions of a particular chain. The quality of these elements is confirmed by the compliance of their production with the conditions that must be met by products created in accordance with international ISO or DIN standards, and they are adapted to such parameters. We deliver our systems to plants all over Poland.