Explore the types of drive chains

Drive chains are elements of transport and production systems, used, inter alia, in the construction, agricultural, food, printing and transport industries. Today, the market offers a wide range of these extremely robust, simple-to-use mechanical power transmission mechanisms. In our entry we present the types of drive chains and their characteristics. We invite you to read.

Types of drive chains

It is worth knowing the types of drive chains in order to make the right selection of them to the conditions in which the machines or devices using this mechanism work. In this case, we minimize the risk of failure.The most popular types of drive chains include:

  • single-row chain,
  • double-row chain,
  • three-row chain,
  • sleeve chain – chains of this type are most often used in slow-moving machines or auxiliary drives, consist of bushings, tiles and pins, have on the pin a rotating hardened sleeve; the inner plates are mounted on the sleeve and the outer plates are also pressed on the pin;
  • roller chain – it is built just like a sleeve chain, the difference is that in addition to external and internal inserts, it also has rollers mounted on the bushings, rotating freely relative to the bushings embedded on the pin, which causes the chain to wear resistance and increases the efficiency of the gearbox; roller chains are designed to work in pollution;
  • pin chain – consists of tiles and pins; whereas these chains are currently not used in machine drives because of the low durability caused by the rapid wear of joints with too little work surface;
  • curved (gear) chain – these chains are made of trapezoidal tiles that adapt to the gear teeth, thus protecting the chain from slipping from the wheel; they are characterized, among other things, by quiet operation, stability, high efficiency, trouble-free operation of equipment, due to the valuableness of the technology and materials from which they were made, these chains are mainly used in difficult operating conditions, in particularly durable elements used for the transmission of high-speed drive.

The chains used to transfer the drive from one gear element to another should be reliable and perfectly matched and meet all standards and standards for strength.A great example is chains made of the highest quality steel, which has undergone a galvanic process and is also more resistant to rust. This guarantees high performance for many years to come.