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Characteristics of the hardened gear

Gears are used in gears and other mechanisms such as gear pumps and gear clutches. They are an integral part of machines and equipment from various industries and industries. Their functionality depends on what they are made of and what strength they achieve.

hardening gears

Quenching is a form of heat treatment that consists of several stages. The first is to heat the material to a certain temperature. In the second, it should be maintained under such conditions until its structure is rebuilt. Most often these are phase changes. Stage three is rapid cooling. Carrying them out under the right conditions will create concentrationons of stress in the material that will increase hardness, strength, plasticity, elasticity or abrasion resistance. However, this is achieved at the expense of fragility or decrease in plasticity. Gears are most often hardened by induction, a contactless process that generates intense and focused heat. Specific effects are achieved through heating cycles, frequency and type of cooling medium. Other hardening methods are used much less often.

Hardening capabilities

Gear design requires the selection of a material that will ensure that the wheels have the right strength and process parameters. Excellent results can be achieved with wheels made of carburized alloy steel, defrosted, tempered, stabilized and just hardened. Carburizing, hardening and nitriding are ways to achieve the highest load carrying capacity of the working surfaces of the gear teeth. However, all these processes can be too costly, so usually only surface hardening of low alloy steels is enough. In this way, teeth with a hardened surface and a flexible core are obtained. Hardened gears gain a very hard and resistant coating that gains life in a heavy working environment. Heat treatment in some cases can cause distortion, which needs to be corrected with cutting.