Use of gears in industry

Production and industry, without basic wheel-based mechanisms, would not be right today. One of the first technological revolutions, definitely facilitating everyday functioning, was the circle. Today it is completely inconspicuous, but it has not always been present in human life. In turn, the birth of mechanics and an even greater revolution, created the invention of the gear and the rules of operation of the mechanical transmission.

Gears that are part of gearboxes can be shaped differently and therefore used in different industries. The mechanism may vary e.g. in the shape of the teeth – they can be straight, visccal, curvilinear or screw. They can be used in cutting, transport or carding chains. For angular gears, conical models will work well, and modular models will be suitable for special gear strips, the mechanism of which is used by construction machines, such as huge cranes.

This mechanism is indispensable in various industries and is used in different industries. It is difficult to replace with other solutions because it has many advantages, such as even operation, ease of use, optimum efficiency or the ability to carry high power. Today, this mechanical transmission is mainly used in a variety of machines and equipment. It enables the operation of vehicles (cars, specialized agricultural machinery), mining equipment, railways or even watches or bicycles. Various systems also apply to engines.

Gears should be made of durable materials that will be suitable for long-term, constant and even operation. The right materials are also reliability and no failure. Precision in the production of such components is also extremely important – a bad fit or not fitting to the holes of the tab can cause serious failures of the entire system. Our company can further harden the wheel tabs and properly machine the part to perfectly fit different mechanisms.

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